On 25 November, the Arkhangelsk Regional Court considered an appeal against the decision of the Kotlas City Court to block BestChange.ru, a cryptographic exchanger site in Russia.

The BestChange representative was then quoted as saying:

Today, at noon, a court session to consider the appeal against the decision of the Kotlas City Court to block our website BestChange.ru in Russia. The Judicial Board on administrative cases of the Arkhangelsk Regional Court decided to cancel the decision of the court of first instance.

In fact, this means that the blockage of our website should be lifted in the near future. In order to legally substantiate the request to lift the blockage at the RCH, we will need a court ruling. From past experience, this may take around two weeks.

The formal review of the case is not yet over and the city court will have to re-examine the case that was returned to them by the regional court, but this is already a formality. It is unlikely that the judge will take a different view than his or her colleagues from a higher authority, especially since there is no reason for any doubts.

In any case, the grounds for unblocking the site of Bitcoin Sunrise have already been received with absolute certainty today, as there are no other court decisions yet to unblock the site. Now all we have to do is wait for all the bureaucratic procedures to be completed so that the site can be removed from the register of banned resources and access to the site can be restored.

With regard to legal documents, BestChange’s representative said: „Unfortunately, we do not have any official documents on hand at the moment. If you need comments from lawyers, you can contact them officially at https://digitalrights.center/contacts/“.