One day away from finishing our coverage of the event covering Economics, Finance and Investment, the people of EFI Week Online bring us a talk to learn about the current state of crypto. In order to accomplish this goal, they bring us the authors of the book entitled „Crypt Currencies, State of the Art“.

EFI Week Online: Let’s talk about cryptology

State of the Cryptos and their explorers
Before we can learn about the state of the cryptomonies, we need to know who these explorers are who decided to put it in a book. Starting with Gonzalo Arzuaga, being the visionary who seeks to expand the knowledge of Bitcoin and crypto in Argentina. To fulfill this objective, he founded to offer courses and workshops on cryptology.

In addition, we met Gonzalo Blousson, a developer who is passionate about the technical field of crypts, focusing particularly on Blockchain technology. Therefore, his vocation is to provide support to other people and companies, using his knowledge and new analysis. For this, he decided to found Signatura, one of the biggest Blockchain software development firms in Argentina.

In this way, we can see that both Gonzalo are professionals dedicated to the study of cryptomonies. Therefore, we can assume that they are able to study and determine the current state of cryptomonies, since they must constantly update and expand their knowledge.

Besides, once our panelists are known, it is time to listen to their words and experiences.

A common history

To begin their talk they decided to introduce themselves by telling their story with the cryptomonies, which several of us can identify with. We say this because like many, they comment that they rode the wave of the crypts late, around 2013.

At that time they were skeptical and doubtful about this „decentralized digital money“, since they suspected it was another ponzi scheme, or a bubble like the Tulips. And it is here that they comment on their first lesson in life, demonstrating their reflective procedure during their lives.

They comment that it is a mistake to compare the bubble of the tulips, the historical case of the bubble that marked the world. The reason for this is simple, the tulips had no future value and it was known at the time. Even if you assume that the cryptos and Bitcoin Lifestyle went through a bubble in 2017, it is a fact that they have important use value for society.