Privacy and Cryptomaps are the theme of a free online event promoted by Blockchain Academy in partnership with Zcash

Blockchain Academy announces partnership with Zcash for free online event about ZEC and privacyNOTÍCIAS
Blockchain Academy has announced a partnership with Electric Coin Co. (the institution responsible for ZCash) to promote a free educational webinar „All about Zcash – Financial Privacy and Cryptomoedas Https“.

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In the Webinar, cryptography expert Maria Teresa Aarão will present the technical characteristics of cryptomeda. Zcash developer Holmes Wilson will explore the business potential of the cryptomeda and lawyer Cíntia Falcão will provide historical and legal bases on the importance of legal privacy.

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The event will be moderated by Rosine Kadamani.

Thus, the team of Electric Coin Co. will also be present, remaining fully available to interact with the audience in the chat.

„If you care about your privacy, this will be an excellent opportunity to start taking a closer look at a project that takes this conversation very seriously,“ said the company.

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